Sunday, 28 July 2013

Inspiration .... the early beginnings

Last year I had the opportunity to create my  very own first charity, which is called "The Lidiaana Foundation".

There were loads of different reasons for launching this project, mainly because I was annoyed at the amount of charities that are out there who don't show where their donations are going - some big charities make a lot of money and profit from donations for the people running that actual company. How much of the money actually gets to the people who need it - you just don't know and there's no way of finding out.

For example did I find it confusing that about 10 people stand around in corners in London and promote a charity as 'fundraisers'. Wow!! Coming from a small town in Germany  I wasn't used to that at all and thought it was great. Well, when I was looking for a job myself in 2007 I got offered to do one of those jobs. Seriously when I found out that they get £10 an hour, I was on it. 

At the same time I was confused, because I didn't understand how you would spend roughly £700 on a team when you are asking me for £2 a month for your charity. I understand that we all need to work in order to survive but seriously £10 an hour? It just didn't match up.

Anyways, I am generally someone who doesn't complain about things that do not involve me. Also I found another job anyway. . . . .  . 

So this fact inspired me to be a woman of her word and I created my very own charity.
I always loved helping and I love working with and around children. 

So I went Eritrea and I took a couple of stationary items such as pencils, pads, rubbers-  You know essential school stuff.

There were various groups but in the end I decided that I didn't want to donate it all to people that I haven't seen. Don't get me wrong this is not because I wanted to be thanked for or adored or whatsoever, but I just wanted to honestly  give it to someone and see their reaction.
So I went to my home country and asked around who I could give the items to?

So in the end I decided on something spontaneous. So just after recording   Adey , I left the recording studio and felt so inspired. The hook of the song was still on my mind and while I was walking to my grandfather's house I saw a crowd of children celebrating the independence day of Eritrea and playing games on the road.  Before entering my grand father's house I asked my cousin to get me my big bag which contained the stationary items I mentioned before. While she was getting it I asked the children who could sing ... All of them started suddenly screaming and said "Me! Me! Me!"
I then asked the children to sing my song Adey... It made me cry as they sang it with such a passion. 
Luckily my cousin was able to record the happening. That way I was able to feature them in my video Adey

To me their smiles were a reward enough :-)

We can all help. We can do something great everyday so don't hesitate to do it!

Much love, Lidiaana

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